Ex-Police Falcon 500/GT

     As seen on the "Last Interceptor to Los Angeles" video. Genuine ex-Police car. This is rusty but it is the "real deal" a genuine ex-police car from the 1970's. After Police service the car was returned to civilian presentation. However it remained complete. The police cars of the day were equipped with rubber floor mats and the standard falcon 500 instrumentation, with the exception of the close increment speedometer.



     These Police cars carried all the XB Falcon GT running gear. This car still equipped with all that original gear. 351 V8 engine (requires reconditioning), FMX auto (requires reconditioning), 9-inch Ford LSD diff with factory traction bars (diff requires reconditioning). The car is old and war torn, it is rusty and some rust sections can be supplied, but it is complete. Nothing has changed since it left the force. This car is mobile car still starts and runs and drives. The car needs restoration but "it is as it was". We mocked it up in MAD MAX style guise for the "Last Interceptor to Los Angeles" video, however the roof spoiler can be removed and the flares can be removed.





     See the THIRD page of the yellow interceptor section on the Last Interceptor website for more information on this vehicle. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK.


$3000 AUD ($2000 USD)

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